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Modelling is about clothes: clothing and accessories are very important. When we organise a fotoshoot, we learn the models how to use their body to show their clothes. Being a model is not just standing in front of a camera.

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Brands are not so important for a normal fotoshoot (not for a commercial). Don't bring 10 nearly identical Hollister shirts to a fotoshoot (with only the color being different). What's important is the theme.

Choose clothing you like to put on: it's important to feel good on a first fotoshoot.

Photographers like to work with some themes:

  • Casual: your normal branded clothing
  • Urban: strong clothing for urban exploration (working style: torn jeans, lumberjack shirt, working gloves)
  • Sport and fitness: clothes for running, street workout,...
  • Military & security: military style, bomber jacket, Top Gun sunglasses...
  • Biker: leather suit, gloves and helmet
On a fotoshoot, you'll need at least one blue jeans (you can bring some different styles), some t-shirts (muscle shirts) and some buttoned shirts (modern style). A denim shirt is a hot item again. Model agencies may require pictures with a blue jeans and a white t-shirt (so they can compare more easily different models).

Accessories are very important. Retailers get more money on accessories than on normal clothing. They are some basic accessories (you will need them on most of your fotoshoots):

  • Different types of caps. You can have a different look just by putting a cap on.
  • A dog tag and other masculine accessories (leather bracelet,...)
  • Different belts. A model don't use a belt to hold his pants up.
  • You can use your backpack as accessory.
Accessories in relation with the theme are primordial: for instance a wristband for fitness, work gloves for urban style, and so on. They will make or break the theme.

Tips and tricks

You are important in the picture. Don't put a shirt on with big, strong lettering. The lettering will distract te viewer. For the same reason: try to avoid stripped shirts. Photographs are very unforgiving (and the way the image is encoded by the sensor can make things even worse).

Don't use brown or beige as main color. There is not enough contrast with your skin. Most photographers don't like beige (unless they are working in black and white!). Brown is OK for a belt, not for pants.

Use a backpack for your stuff, not a suitcase (unless you are expected to pose in a studio). A backpack is much easier on location (and is the only available option for urbex).

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Don't pack three identical A&F shirts
(with only the color being different)